What is Reverse Email Lookup and How to Use it Effectively

What is Reverse Email Lookup and How to Use it Effectively

How has everyone been lately? I hope you are all doing well out there. Today's topic will be about the Simple methods in which Reverse Email Lookup can be utilised.

First of all, what exactly is Reverse Email Lookup?

It is first of all, the process in which an email address is used to identify who it belongs to, where the owner of the address is located, their social media profile and even their website. This can be useful to filter out legitimate emails from fake ones and the usefulness they may contain especially for businesses looking to hire professionals or enquiries from potential clients/business partners.

The way certain tools that you may see online use Reverse Email lookup tools is that most of the information on these emails will be collected and held in databases on the backend. This is due to the public profiles on these accounts allowing social media platforms to host and hold their data, information such as email addresses, country location, telephone number and type of work could be up for grabs on platforms like Linkedin or Instagram.

Ways you can perform Reverse Email Lookup:

One of the best ways nowadays is to use an API to help with this. A platform I use called Proxycurl has its own tool for this. Reverse Email Lookup API. Integrating this API can pull data from any profile you associate it with pulling existing company data, information and verifying the legitimacy of it at the same time. The good thing about this API is also that it doesn't require monthly subscription fees and you can decide to use the pay as you go features to use at your leisure.

A more robust and simple method would be to use search engines like Google or Bing. This is a FREE method however it can be time consuming. However all that is needed is to type in an email address in the search bar and to see what results follow along with it, utilising any necessary data for your needs.

Another method I will mention is using a paid service. Using these online paid tools may bring your more detailed information on the email addresses gathered with quality data. One example of this would be a site like CoCoFinder They have both free and paid services. People would use services like cocofinder to perhaps dig out more information on their customers, who purchases, their buying habits etc.

Conclusion Users should be cognizant that Reverse Email lookup can not be depended on as a 100% accurate form of data collection and the results may vary. However, it can be a very useful tool for collecting the business data needed for your purposes. In order to give it a try I would first recommend reading more about it here via 3 Simple Methods To Do Reverse Email Lookup and Trying their API.

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